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Game On: An Update On The Return of Sport (Sept 14th)

Sep 17 2020

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At a time when games and tournaments are usually in full swing, many players and parents are eagerly awaiting news on when (and how) they'll get back to the game they love. And, while most of us don't have definitive start dates, one thing is for sure: the return to sport is on the horizon. We've created your go-to guide of resources that will keep you informed about the state of sport, updates on major leagues, as well as tips to prepare you and your kids for your upcoming season.

Key State/Province Changes



11 states are allowing all sports as well as tournaments
20 states are allowing all sports
15 states are allowing some indoor + outdoor team sports
4 states are allowing some or all outdoor team sports

4 provinces/territories are allowing all sports as well as tournaments
5 provinces/territories are allowing all sports
1 provinces/territories are allowing some indoor + outdoor team sports
1 provinces/territories are allowing some or all outdoor team sports

For live updates, check out our heat map here.

Major League Changes

Underway, postseason begins September 29

Postseason underway


Regular season begins September 10

Postseason underwayMLS

National Women’s Soccer League
Regular season begins September 5

Auto racing


Game On Tip of The Week

Reduce physical closeness between players when possible. Maintain at least 6 feet between teammates, coaches, supporters, competitors, and officials while actively participating in the sport. Also try to avoid physical contact such as high fives, handshakes, fist bumps or hugs. Check out our new normal back to sports checklist for more information. 

Just so you know...

Families are ready to return to sports but with a new playbook: Parents expect mandatory temperature checks, locker room time to be eliminated and mandatory face masks as we as physical distancing enforced by staff. 


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