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Band of Heroes: Under Armour supporting communities to address coronavirus

In the midst of the world's current events, it’simportant to celebrate goodnews. After all, we are all on the same team, and nothingmakes us...

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Helps Women’s Sports Continue to Succeed

FlipGive can help millions of girls and boys to benefit from fundraising campaigns while enriching their sports experience. Sign Up Today!

Sports Parenting

FlipGive's CEO shares how sports families can find more family time

Mark Bachman, FlipGive's CEO and proud sports dad shares tips on how to balance busy spots parent life.

Sports Parenting

3 At Home Drills to Improve Your Volleyball Skills

We don’t always have access to the court. Keep your skills refined at home with these volleyball drills for passing, setting, and serving.

Fundraising Tips

Top Fundraising Ideas for Kids that are Fun

Learn more about fundraising efforts and events you can pair with FlipGive to earn even more for your child's team or club!